Magic Tricks

Abracadabra, magic tricks are fun to use to impress your party guests

Want to really impress your friends and family? Looking for that unexpected “Wow!” from those around you? Nothing makes an impression like magic tricks. They are challenging to learn but, boy, are they fun to do! With practice, you can be the magician everyone wants to see perform at parties or at gatherings.

Developing the talent to perform magic tricks requires practice but, like any learning experience, it is very rewarding. You will be learning about how people can be misdirected into believing they saw one thing all the while you know otherwise. By telling them you are going to perform a magic trick for them, your friends will be on guard – trying to figure out how you do the trick. It will be something when you do your trick and they still can’t figure out how you did it.

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So what catches your fancy? Magic card tricks, we have them and they are truly classics. Money tricks? Have those as well. The truth about magic tricks is that they can be used and modified to fit your surroundings. When you read how these magic tricks revealed for your eyes only, you will be amazed at the skills that you will develop. Practice makes perfect and you will love practicing your magic.

Kids love magic tricks. Want to really knock the socks off your children? Do not fall back on the old “there's a quarter behind your ear” trick. That trick is for grandpa! Learn some truly exciting tricks and you will spark a desire for learning that can only be seen in the eyes of a child. They will want to know how you do the trick. They will ask you to do it over and over again. Keep up the mystery. Have them learn how magic tricks work. Teach them and reinforce the bond between you and your kids.

Something needs to be said about the old classic vaudevillian tricks. These are great fun as well. Rope tricks are great – especially if you are out camping – and off the wall stuff really can get the kids going. Look into some of the quirky stuff, acts like Penn and Teller do and you will see just how far and exciting slight of hand and magic can go. Bring a little of that home and your kids will stare in wide-eyed amazement. Teach your kids these magic tricks and you will be providing an experience that will not be forgotten. Learn together and you all will be better for it. Oh yes, you will know all those cool tricks too!



Disturb your friends and family with the Gross Magic, magic kit! Guaranteed to take you to new levels of grossness and tastelessness, this kit contains whatever you need to shock, confuse, and mesmerize your audience. Perform the "clean to dirty" handkerchief trick, the "jumping bogies" trick, the "clean to dirty toilet" effect, and so... much more! You will not only be admired for your magic abilities, but also esteemed by your buddies as one gross magician (or one mad scientist) with some of the most gruesome props around. Perfect for kids or the kid at heart!

Warning: Not recommended for the fainthearted!

Contents of Gross Magic Include:

Components and Illustrated Instruction Booklet to perform various tricks such as:

The Dustbin

Bin and Eyeball Stand

The Clean and Dirty Handkerchiefs

Sponge Bogies

Red Veins

Eye Balls

The Bogie Paddles

The Cockroach Eggs

A Deck of Gross Cards

Impromptu Effects

The X-Ray Box

Granny's Teeth

The Gross Toilet



The Klutz Book of Magic has sold more than a million copies and is the leading guide to magic in print. The real tricks behind this real magic are trade secrets, and readers will have to take The Magician's Blood Oath to ensure that the secrets stay safe! This book contains 34 slick tricks which are sure to amaze!

The Klutz Book of Magic Contains 5 props:

A Silk Scarf

A Chrome Ring

A Nylon Cord

And 2 others too secret to broadcast over this medium!



Amaze family and friends with the Pocket Magic - Crazy Cubes! Show a black cube in a clear box and give it a shake. Abracadabra! It has changed into eight multicolored mini cubes! Instructions are included.



Amaze family and friends with the Pocket Magic - Dizzy Dice! Show a black die in the clear box and give it a shake. Abracadabra! It has changed into a white die! Instructions are included.



Amaze family and friends with the Pocket Magic - Magic Lock Box! There's money in the box, but can you get it out? Try as hard as possible, but the money stays safely locked away! Instructions are included.



Amaze family and friends with the Pocket Magic - Pencil Slicer! When the pencil is in the magical box it can be sliced into three separate parts and then restored again as many times as you like! Instructions are included.



Amaze family and friends with the Pocket Magic - Rope Trick! As the rope is pulled through the magic case it can be sliced in two and completely restored as often as you like! Instructions are included.



This Street Magic set comes with a baseball cap that you can both wear and use to perform stunning magic tricks on the move! Included is a step by step instruction book and props for 75 amazing tricks and illusions.

101 Thumb Tip Tricks

Price: 6.50

If you have a Thumb-Tip, and the only the only trick you perform is the vanishing silk, then this is the book for you. There are literally hundreds of tricks that can be performed with the Thumb-Tip, and this book has picked the very best. Including effects used by top magicians such as Lance Burton, Seigfreid & Roy, & Pen and Teller. AN INVALUABLE BOOKLET

22 Blows to the Head by Jay Sankey

Price: 19.99

Our best-selling mentalist dvd! Description:A mind-blowing collection of psychic effects! Twenty-two original paranormal routines with coins, spoons, business cards, handkerchiefs, hole punches, newspaper, matchbooks, pay envelopes, dollar bills and playing cards. Each effect is guaranteed to convince your audience that you do indeed possess "psychic powers," and many of the handlings are so INGENIOUSLY SIMPLE they are virtually self-working! Graffiti - A spectator's own name appears on a card! Homocide - Russian roulette with a hole punch! Laying on of Hands- A kick-ass three phase demonstration! Mute - Mentalism with jingle bells! Simply Divine - So easy, so satisfying! Resistance is Futile - The ultimate psychic packet trick! Casualties of War - You'll love the presentational "hook!" Divided Attention - A picture is worth a thousand words! Fade Away - Jay has sold this item alone for 20 bucks! Black Market - Mentalism with matches! Mercurial Prediction - This drops the most ...

260Q Qualatex Balloons - Professional Modelling Balloons

Price: 8.00

The best balloons for modelling by Qualatex. For beginners, pumps are also available. Please contact our customer service dept. 08707-50-44-64

45 DVD by Jay Sankey Magic

Price: 16.99

Description: "The explanations are exceptionally well done, the music is spectacular and the camera work is some of the best I've ever seen on a magic video." - Matthew Field, Genii Video Reviewer." A 55-minute DVD totally without dialogue! No English! Just an acid jazz soundtrack and Jay demonstrating an astonishing FORTY-FIVE of his all-time favorite sleights! Featuring extreme close-ups and slow motion sequences filmed from the performer's perspective to maximize learning! Forty-five flourishes, vanishes, productions, switches and subtleties! A hyper-visual teach-in with cards, coins, cigarettes, thumb tips, finger rings, rubber bands, dollar bills, pencils and more! Become a much better magician TODAY! Watch Movie Select your Movie Player Windows Media click here for all our magic movies

Amazing Bundle of Magic SET 1

Price: 49.99

This AMAZING bundle of magic includes some of the best magic tricks for QUALITY and ENTERTAINMENT VALUE, all at a price SECOND-2-NONE! Inside are tricks that can EASILY be performed by a TOTAL BEGINNER to magic, and yet PACKS A PUNCH of professionalism that will nock your spectators socks off, whether it's an audience from a professional gig, or your friends at the pub!

Amazing Magic Tricks with Cards DVD by Royal Magic

Price: 14.99

With DVD technology, learning magic is easier than ever. By freezing frames and jumping to specific explanations and performances, it becomes simple to master the fundamentals of these marvelous magic tricks. This DVD will teach you how to: See into the future by naming the card a spectator will select! Discover the identity of a chosen card by simply feeling a spectator's pulse! Predict which hour of the day someone will name by making a clock dial out of cards! Repeatedly deal yourself a winning poker hand and then a Royal Flush in Spades! And much, much more.


Price: 2.99

PLEASE NOTE YOU CAN NOW WORK THIS TRICK ON THE NEW SIZE COKE BOTTLE This is a spellbinding trick, don't let the low price put you off. Effect. An empty Coca Cola bottle is filled with water, a playing card or beer mat is placed on top and the bottle turned upside down, a little water is seen to drip from the mat. Now slowly remove your hand, the card or mat remains on the upturned bottle and no water runs out. In the eyes of the average audience this is fairly amazing. However one person is bound to say "Oh yes it's atmospheric pressure which holds the card in place". Then you remove the card and still the water stays in the bottle. Picking up a few matches, one match is slipped into the neck of the bottle, magically it remains suspended half in and half out of the upturned bottle, it is given a little tap and up it goes into the upturned bottle. This is unmistakable proof that the opening of the bottle is REAL A GREAT LITTLE TRICK!

Anytime Anywhere DVD Jay Sankey

Price: 19.99

No gimmicks! No set-ups! Using only borrowed objects! Description:"Impromptu work is the most valuable, commercial and closely-guarded information there is." - Jay Sankey For years, magicians and mentalists have been asking Jay about his unreleased impromptu work. Now on this very special DVD, Jay shares a mind-blowing collection of 34 routines, the vast majority of which have never before appeared in print, on video or DVD. 34 astounding magic and mentalist effects with borrowed keys, coins, business cards, paper money, wooden matches, finger rings, playing cards, elastic bands, pens, cigarette packs, books, newspapers, paper matches, napkins and more! Jay also shares the real work on such essential topics as the power of impromptu performances, combining magic and mentalism, magic with a borrowed deck, scripting, the importance of simplcity, and handling props within the impromptu setting. Never again say, "Sorry, I didn't bring anything with me!" Here are just a few of ...

Appearing Rose

Price: 21.00

Magic in a BLINK of the Eye! First cover your hand with a silk. Or just produce the Rose from Thin Air! Something suddenly takes shape under the silk. You whisk the silk away to reveal a Beautiful Red Rose at your fingertips! This colorful, versatile production item can be presented in a number of ways. Collaspes to fit in your hand! Release and the Rose Springs to FULL Size! Plastic Tube for Storage!

Arms & Body Restraint

Price: 65.00

Brand new escape in the style of a strait jacked available for the very first time! Here's an exciting new Escape available for the very first time, and exactly as used by David Deval for many years. Two real leather straps attached to chrome handcuffs are fastened onto the wrists. The arms are now crossed in front of the chest and the straps are securely fastened at the back in the style of a Strait Jacked. This looks impossible to escape from - the arms are fastened Tight around the body and leaving no room for any movement. Here's the exciting bit, You can escape easily and, in an INSTANT !!! but remember to put plenty of Showmanship into it !!!

Bendable Pen - John Cornelius

Price: 27.50

The magician shows an "ordinary" plastic pen. The pen is shown to be solid. The magician then talks about people who bend spoons and keys by mental concentration. As he is talking, the performer rubs on the pen, and the pen becomes flexible, bending like rubber. The pen is rubbed one more time, and becomes solid again! The pen may now be handed to a spectator for TOTAL EXAMINATION! Only one pen is used Nothing is added or taken away There is no sleight of hand The pen is usable for everyday use The pen is totally examinable Can be instantly reset

Beyond Secrets Book by Jay Sankey Magic

Price: 18.99

Are your ready to take your magic and mentalism to THE NEXT LEVEL? Description:"I promise you will see the craft of magic in a WHOLE NEW LIGHT!" - Jay Sankey Beyond the moves, beyond the gimmicks, beyond the patter, there exists a handful of fundamental truths about the performance and creation of magic. After performing for more than a quarter of a century and creating hundreds of innovative magic routines, Jay Sankey has written a book exploring these same truths. This thought-provoking collection of short pieces ranges from the technical and psychological to the philosophical and sociological, while also staying rooted in the heartfelt and practical. After reading just a handful of the passages, you will see the craft of magic in a whole new light. Learn from one of the most creative magicians on the planet and BECOME A BETTER MAGICIAN TODAY! Learn how to: Practice more effectively Connect with your audience Invite wonder Nurture your creativity Add humor to your ...

Bicycle Playing Cards

Price: 2.99

Bicycle cards are known as the standard cards for magic. Most card tricks / gimmicks are sold in Bicycle version, and the quality far exceeds any British make of playing cards, making spreading and manipulation far easier. Highly recommended for the card magic beginner, and used by most professionals world-wide.

BIGGER Finish by Jay Sankey Magic

Price: 13.99

Description: Ideal for restaurant and walkaround work! A card is selected and returned to the pack. Four cards are then removed from the deck and the spectator is asked if her card is among them. It is! All four cards are given to the spectator to hold between her closed hands, but when she opens her hands she finds that they have melted into a SINGLE JUMBO CARD! When she unfolds the jumbo card, it's found to match to her selection!!! Comes complete with two specially-printed jumbo cards, one for red bicyle decks and one for blue, illustrated instructions and an incredible instructional DVD with brand new handlings and bonus material! Watch Movie Select your Movie Player Windows Media click here for all our magic movies

Bitten 10 Pence Coin

Price: 11.99

Amaze Your Friends with this incredibly, and now classic trick. Imagine... you walk up to someone, ask them for a 10pence coin. You now proceed to BITE INTO the coin. To their amazement a piece is completely removed from the coin as the magician chews it a little. Then... wish just a slick blow... the 10pence coin restores itself RIGHT INFRONT OF THEIR EYES! This is visual magic at it's VERY BEST! Also MANY OTHER effects are possible with this amazingly precisely manufactured product which is worth every penny! OWN YOUR VERY OWN DAVID BLAIN'S BITTEN COIN TODAY! Also Supplied - a generous number of special elastic bands that hold coin together. ALSO AVAILABLE IN 50p Version

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