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Card games provide pleasure for millions of people, both independently and socially. By using standard 52 card decks, many card games can be played, such as Rummy and Poker. Many of these games (with the exception of Solitaire card games, of course) can be tweaked a little to become fun drinking games.

Entire books are totally dedicated to listing and describing variations of card games. There are even publications for professional games, solitaire card games, and drinking card games.

Card games are a great pastime for everyone. For children, card games help them learn and develop skills, just by playing. While they help kids learn how to recognize numbers, letters, and symbols, card games also teaching them how to socially interact in a positive way, develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and to handle losing at a game. Classic card games like Go Fish get kids retains children’s interest while strategic thinking magically unfolds and develops.

Adults play card games in groups and fun drinking games in groups, but also can entertain and occupy themselves solo (solitaire card games being a great example). In fact, they have been doing so for a very long time. Old classic card games include Poker, Rummy, Black Jack, and Duchblitz, which consists of 4 decks of 40 cards each. It is well suited for playing by families. Pit, another example of cards games that use their own unique deck, is played with a 54 card pack. It is played as a cross between Whist and Rummy.

Newer classic card games include Canasta, which was invented in Uruguay in the early twentieth century and became popular in the United States in the 1950’s. Other new classics include Sequence, a combination card and board game, and UNO, which can be played with 2 to 8 players. It has become one the world’s most popular family games. Here are some more fun card games:

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  • Other classic card games and drinking card games featuring letters or words are available too. Royalty Card Game features cards with letters. The strategy is to build words to gain the highest score. There are other games like this that focus on buzz words or even silly words. Several kinds of card games also focus on telling stories, such as Nanofictionary and Once Upon a Time. Another fun card game type is the adventure card games, many of which focus on action adventure themes. Catan is a good example, in which the simple versions just involve cards instead of a board game. Many games like this are available, with versions for 2 players and multi-players. If you use your creative skills, many adventure card games can be turned into fun drinking games.

    Bacchus Regular Price: $14.40 Sale Price: $10.00

    In honor of himself, Bacchua, who just happens to be the Roman god of wine, has arranged three great Bacchanalias. As one of his satyrs, it is your job to recruit as many nymphs as achievable to his ferociously raucous parties. How awesome does this game sound?!

    Modern Art: The Card Game $10.00

    Which art collector will reign supreme? Find out in this strategy card game that will have you collecting and guessing to build the most valuable collection.



    Five Crowns is plays with two decks (minus the Aces and deuces) which could very well spell double trouble for the players. This game has you quickly spotting and building sets or sequences. Sounds easy right? Well....maybe you should give it a try before drawing conclusions!



    This Giant Drueke Cribbage board is not only, well, giant, it is also durable and attractive! Measuring 31" by 8" by 3/4", this wood finished cribbage board features six large 3" wooden pegs that fit into 3/8" drilled holes. This board also includes a genuine leather loop fastener, which allows the decorative game to hang from on display. Like all Drueke products, the Giant Drueke cribbage board is mad in the USA of superior quality materials and workmanship.



    A Magnetic Travel Cribbage Set is perfect for road trips and long flights. This superior quality set features easy to store silver and bronze magnetic pegs! When you are not playing, the pegs fit perfectly in a high density foam. Also included are a pad and pencil, card deck, and two track folding board. All of this fits perfectly in a durable metal casing. When unfolded, the playing surface spans 8 1/2" by 6". When closed it measures about an inch in thickness.



    This wooden two-track cribbage board is perfect for beginners! Included in this cribbage set are six silver and gold colour metal pegs. Measurements are: 14 3/4" by 3 3/4" by 7/8".



    This is unique and durable cribbage set features a felt-lined, hinged, aluminum storage case that measures about 18.75" x 5" x 1.75". This Aluminum cribbage e set offers a three-track wooden board, a deck of bridge-sized playing cards, and nine silver, gold and copper pegs. Easy storage for travelling and bringing back and forth to the cottage, on the RV or boat.

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    Free Online Poker Strategy, Win by Any Means Possible

    Looking for a fun and free online poker experience? Choose your online poker room, learn other players’ tells, learn different types of games, find great poker trackers and even calculators. From the basics to the professionals, this is the perfect free online card games resource for poker players.

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