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Family and friends can play bridal shower games and win a prize

One of the most fun parts of bridal showers is the games that everyone plays together. From the sweet and innocent to the delightfully provocative, the bridal shower games available on this site will keep your guests roaring with laughter and the bride-to-be eternally grateful for your effort.

There are shower bridal games that are perfect for any guest list, from traditional and delicate showers that include grandmothers and mothers to the out of control and totally crazy bridal showers for girlfriends and coworkers. A more demure crowd will love traditional bridal shower games like a wedding themed raffle, memory game or word twists. The “Who Am I?” game is also very popular for crowds of all ages because it keeps the group engaged, having fun, and enjoying each other’s company.

If you are hosting a shower for a younger group, you may find that some of the more adult games break the ice and get everyone enjoying themselves. One of the best adult games bridal shower hosts swear by is the bridal scratch ticket, where guests scratch their card to reveal who they are matched with. The woman who finds Prince Charming will get a fun prize, but the losers will have too much fun with the other male caricatures to care.

Charades depicting all elements of married life is also an awesome bridal shower game that allows guests to mock the institution as well as their own experience with it. There are few things funnier than watching the bride’s grandmother depicting life with her longtime husband in pantomime!

Many of the shower bridal games we offer on this site are downloads that can be printed immediately to help fill in the last minute gaps for your party or help you pull a great event together on the fly. Furthermore, printing them directly from our site saves you the cost of shipping and the pain of waiting for your package in the mail. We also offer some customizable blank sheets for you and the other bridesmaids to design and plan your own bridal shower games that are personalized for your bride-to-be and her groom.

Weddings are special events that bring people together in a way that no other life event can. Our games and downloadable templates will help you bridge the gap between generations and close distances between people who love the bride, helping you to do your part to make a totally unforgettable experience for everyone.



Play the classic couple's game on TV! First the husbands answer a question... then the wives. Do your answers match up? Guys, do you remember the outfit your wife wore on your first date? Ladies, what is your husband's favorite song? Whether you've just tied the knot yesterday or 30 years ago, The Newlywed Game DVD Edition is classic couples fun for everyone!

Bridal Shower Scratch-Off Game

Spice up your bridal shower with our Bridal Shower Accessories! This game includes 19, colorful "Bride & Groom Trivia" cards with spots to scratch-off to reveal the trivia questions. The cards feature trivia such as "What is your favorite thing about the groom?" and "Where is the bride and groom going on their honeymoon?"

The Bridal Shower Box of Questions

Here comes the best new bridal shower game! Make the bride-to-be spill the beans before her big day! If she doesnt, the guests will.

Bride To Be Advice Cards 20ct

Here's a fun shower past time for your guests - each invitee can provide marital advice to the bride to be on these pretty Advice Cards! Each package contains 20 advice cards measuring 4 1/2" x 6" and reads "Advice for the Bride to Be" at the top, and lots of empty pink space for plenty of sage advice.

Girlfriends' Intuition - Girls Night Game, Party Game for Women, Bachelorette Game, Bridal Shower Game, Women Slumber Party Game. Games For Women.

Get together with your gal pals for a hilarious game of discovery. From fun facts and secret desires to romantic fantasies, hopes, and dreams, this game gets you going on topics that don't always come up in day-to-day conversations. This is a mildly competitive question-and-answer game. Use your intuition to correctly guess how your girlfriends will answer "girl talk" questions ranging from everyday life to the intimate and risque'. Collect diamonds for matching your teammate's answers, but watch out...a mismatch on the Whisper Bonus questions will give your opponents a chance to collect more diamonds and take the lead!

Bridal Shower Trivia Game (Set Of 19 Cards)

Our trivia game takes bridal shower games to a whole new level. It features colorful scratch-off cards with questions about the bride and groom. Keep things lively, impose a time limit with a prize for the first to complete.

Murder Mystery Game -The Penultimate Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt

The penultimate bridal shower scavenger hunt! Why host a boring bridal shower when you can have some real excitement with a scavenger hunt around town! View the sample game materials below for the game instructions and some sample tasks! Break the tradition!!! The bride will be thanking you all the way down the aisle if you giver her a bridal shower like this! We promise it will be memorable!

Table Topics Bridal Shower Game

Ready to have some fun? This table topics bridal shower game will not only provide fun and entertainment, it'll also be a great way to see just how well you know the bride or couple to be.

Printable games

Bridal Shower Fun - Blank Game Sheet

Price: 6.99

When all you really need is a blank piece of paper to play your favorite bridal shower game, spice it up with these colorful pages! Start printing as soon as you order!

Bridal Shower Charades

Price: 6.99

Everyone loves charades! Keep your guests laughing as they act out and try to guess these songs, movies, TV shows, and books that all have one thing in common… the word LOVE, WEDDING, and BRIDE. Start printing as soon as you order!

Bridal Shower Fundamentals

Price: 6.99

6 Games In One! This game sheet is an absolute essential for every shower! A short list of 1-10, hostesses can quickly and easily print and use this sheet for any guessing game

Bridal Shower Placemats

Price: 6.99

Festive and adorable, these placemats are sure to add the final touch to a wonderful bridal shower! Simply print and place at your table. Each placemat prints 8 1/2 x 11". Start printing as soon as you order!

Bridal Shower Raffle Tickets

Price: 6.99

Having a raffle? Don't miss these fun tickets that make it easy for guests to participate! Raffle off a prize and contribute the proceeds to the couple's honeymoon fund! Start printing as soon as you order

Who Am I? Bridal Shower Survey

Price: 6.99

How well do you really know each other? Take this secret survey and have the Bride-to-be read the answers as the guests try to figure out Who's Who! A great ice-breaker, even for groups who think they know everything about each other!

Bridal Shower Word Twist

Price: 6.99

A classic bridal shower game! Guests try to make new words using only the letters in the words "Bridal Shower". But why make it easy?!? Instead of the words "Bridal Shower", personalize this game with "Congratulations Bride and Groom!" - or just about anything you want! Guests really have to think when you play with this new twist! Start printing as soon as you order!

Bridal Shower Anagrams

Price: 6.99

By popular request we now have Anagrams! This challenging game will have all your guests using their 'brain-power' to come up an anagram to these bridal items. Everyone will be laughing as the guest's answers are read. Answer suggestions are included. Start printing as soon as you order!

Famous Couples Bridal Shower Game

With this game write a list of one half of a famous couple, real life and fictitious, guests try to guess the other half of the couple

For instance the couples could be Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Baucall, Popeye and Olive Oyl, George W Bush and Laura, Napoleon and Josephine, Nelson and Lady Hamilton, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Prince Ranier and Grace Kelley, Homer and Marg Simpson, Al Gore and Tipper, Father Christmas and Mary Christmas; and so forth.

Guest fill out the answers in a note pad the guest with the most correct answers receives a small prize.

Price Is Right Bridal Shower Game

Purchase ten household items such as cleaners, polishes, detergents, soaps, cloths etc. Alternatively you could make a list of these items with the correct price, although it is more interesting if the items are on show. The guests have to guess what the total price is of all these items and write this down on a notepad.

This game could be particularly suitable for the Room of the House or the Kitchen theme showers. The person who gets nearest to the correct total is the winner. You could also extend the game by having people guess the cost of individual items or pairs of items. This game can be played by the guests individually or in teams.

How Well Do You Know The Bride? Wedding Shower Game

To play this game you will need to make a list of 10 or so questions relating to things you know about the bride.

Each guest is given a piece of paper and a pencil and asked to write their answers down. The guest with the most correct answers wins the game and a small prize.

Here are some question ideas: What’s the bride’s favorite color? What’s the bride’s shoe size? What was the bride’s first job? What’s the color of the bride’s eyes? What’s the bride’s favorite band or solo singer? What’s the bride’s favorite TV show? What’s the name of her favorite film? What’s the name of her favorite book? What’s the name of the bride’s favorite shop? What’s the bride’s favorite food? What’s the name of the bride’s favorite actor? What’s the name of the bride and grooms favorite restaurant? What month of the year did she meet the groom?

Bridal Shower Planning & Games Kit
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Over 35 Games & Activities plus a Planning Kit! Easy-to-Print Worksheets, Checklists, Planning Forms, Guestlists, and more!

Printable Bridal Shower Games Collection

Single Game Cards - $ 6.99
Print & Play Bridal Shower Games. Bridal Game you can print right from your computer in 5 minutes!"

Bridal Gaming Ideas

Trivia Game

Have a combined party for all of the wedding attendants. The best way to do it was to pass out sort of a multiple choice (or multiple guess for those who don't know much) test to see how well they knew the bride and groom and their relationship. The person (or couple) with the most questions right wins a prize like movie passes. Some good questions were "Where did they eat at during our first date", "What weird thing happened during their second date at his house" (in one couple's case, no one got that one right...the answer was that his goat started giving birth).

"Who Am I?" Bridal Shower Game

This is very popular ice breaker wedding shower game. Prepare index cards with the names of famous people written on them. When guests arrive, attach a card to each guest's back so that the guest cannot see who the name is, but everyone else can. Each guest must then ask the other guests for clues to the identity of the famous person whose name is taped to their back. To prevent cheating from clever guests trying to read it in a mirror, place a 2nd index card over the title to hide it.

Bridal Pictionary

Think of wedding words like 'mother in law" "garter toss" "flower girl" "ring bearer" "first Dance", etc.

Bridal Scrabble

Use about 20 words ( could be less ) that have something to do with "wedding". The words are scrambled and everyone has 10 minutes to unscramble them. The person who unscrambles the most wins the prize. Some examples of words: bride, groom, bridesmaid, maid of honor, limousine, garter, tuxedo, flower girl, rings, shower, honeymoon, church, reception.

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