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Blessed Events: Selecting the Perfect Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are absolute celebrations of all things innocent, sweet,and cute.The cake tinted blue or pink, the plethora of adorable little clothes and toys, and party favors in the shapes of rattles, teddy bears, and bottles make guests just want to sit back and say “aah” for hours straight. However, many times guests don’t know each other and need a way to be introduced. The best way to get the crowd going and get acquainted with one another is through playing baby shower games.

Baby shower games are not really about competition and winning prizes, but are more about deepening relationships between the strong and wonderful women in the mother-to-be’s life. While there should be an element of contest, the overall message is that all guests are winners. To help emphasize this, the stakes and complexity of the games should be low to allow everyone to play without feeling intimidated.

One of the best games baby shower guests can play are the shower games Baby Bingo and Baby Mad Labs. Baby Bingo is just like regular bingo where all the guests get a sheet with pictures of baby related items, such as booties, baby faces, or diapers on it instead of numbers. A moderator calls out pictures, and the first player to reach “Bingo” gets a cute little prize. Baby Mad Libs is another great baby shower game where guests have to randomly select nouns, adjectives, and verbs to fit into a story about labor, giving birth, or the first few months with the baby. The story is then read aloud with the inserted words and the result is usually so hilarious that everyone is laughing very hard.

Both of these shower games baby celebrations can’t be without, and many more, may be downloaded from our games library and printed from the convenience of your own computer, making them a great option for your shower. A nice perk of printing the games at home is you can decide exactly how many game sheets your need and print accordingly instead of needing to buy in bulks larger than your attendance.

We also offer a range of books on how to plan and design baby shower games to help you host the best party possible. Baby shower pre-made game sets, which include pads of paper, pens, and other elements, are also available for you to purchase here for easy, no fuss party planning.

The arrival of a new baby is always a joyous occasion. Help share your excitement, joy, and pride for your friend or sister’s new bundle by incorporating the perfect baby shower games to create a memorable experience. You will be thanked for years to come, and most likely in the form of an equally great shower for your next child!

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What Is A Baby Shower Without Games?

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Printable Games

Are you trying of come up with baby shower game ideas? Don't worry, you can download and print out these baby shower games and be playing in minutes…so easy! These are sure to have the guests entertained at your baby shower.

Fun Printable Baby Shower Games ready for you to print and play!

Who Am I? Baby Shower Survey

Price: 6.99

How well do you really know each other? Take this secret survey and have the Mom-to-be read the answers as the guests try to figure out Who's Who! A great ice-breaker, even for groups who think they know everything about each other! Start printing as soon as you order!

75 Printable Baby Shower Games

Price: 19.95

Our entire collection of 75 printable games is included in this collection! Print as many copies of as many games as you want. Start printing as soon as you order.

Baby Shower Blank Game Sheet

Price: 6.99

When all you really need is a blank piece of paper to play your favorite baby shower game, spice it up with these colorful pages! Start printing as soon as you order!

Baby Shower Fundamentals

Price: 6.99

8 Games In One! This quick worksheet is an absolute essential for every shower! A short list of 1-10, hosts can quickly and easily print this form and use it for any guessing game.

Baby Shower Placemats

Price: 6.99

Festive and adorable, these placemats are sure to add the final touch to a wonderful baby shower! Simply print and place at your table. Each placemat prints 8 1/2 x 11". Start printing as soon as you order!

Baby Shower Raffle Tickets

Price: 6.99

Having a raffle? Don't miss these cute tickets that make it easy for guests to participate! Go ahead, give Mom and Dad a helping hand - and raffle off a prize and contribute the proceeds to Baby's diaper fund! Start printing as soon as you order!

Baby Shower Word Twist

Price: 6.99

A classic baby shower game! Guests try to make new words using only the letters in the words "Baby Shower". But why make it easy?!? Instead of the words "Baby Shower", personalize this game with "Congratulations Mom and Dad!" - or anything you want! Guests really have to think when you play with this new twist! Start printing as soon as you order!

Baby Shower Mad Lib Fun

Price: 6.99

Here's a great little Mad Lib story about Mom-to-be's Baby Shower day! Break the guests up into teams and have each team create their own unique Mad Lib and watch the fun begin. Optional ending game included for Mom's who are adopting.

Great Baby Shower Books!

Looking for easy ideas on planning, dozens of baby shower games & activities for the party? Need helpfull hints on simple & tasty recipes & detailed instructions on establishing guest lists, handling the gift, registry, choosing a theme, & decorating the home in which the shower will be held?

Then check out this great selection of Books!! PopShops™ affiliate stores

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Great Baby Shower Resources

Piece-A-Cake.Com Visit Piece-A-Cake.Com to see pictures of beautiful, unique, and delicious baby shower cakes. You will leave this site informed, and hungry!

Unique Baby Gift Ideas As parents, we know how important it is to create an environment that is safe and nurturing for your little ones. Our emphasis is on safety, organics, fair trade and fun for babies, kids and parents, too.

There are a number of things that a well planned baby shower can have to make this a memorable event. One of these is the game list. Even if people say they don't like to play games it's a great way to break the ice, get everyone involved and start having a great time.

Baby shower games are the heart and soul of every baby shower.

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