PDA Games

PDA Games

Personal Digital Assistants, or PDAs, are a great invention. Essentially, they allow you to carry a personal computer in your pocket and their inclusion into cellphones has created the smart phone. Did you know PDAs can be more powerful than a Commodore Vic20 or Commodore 64 from the early days of computing? Well, they are and they often have far better graphics. What does this mean? You can get some seriously awesome PDA games and have them with you wherever you go.

Choosing PDA games is pretty straightforward whether you have a Palm or Windows Mobile compatible system. All you need to know is what type of OS you are running. Usually, that only means knowing your PDA's model. After that, you just have to search for the right games for your PDA. If you have a favorite computer game, guess what, there is probably a PDA version!

Faster processors and more memory in today's PDAs means these games run smoothly and with attractive graphics and effects. There really is no limit to what kind of a game you can play. There are card games of all kinds. Not only that, there are games offered by major manufacturers that authentically replicate their popular board games. There are exciting adventure games as well as mind-twisting cognitive games that will keep you guessing.

If you have an infrared port on your PDA, you can even play games against another player across the room. Waiting for the meeting to start might become more entertaining if you and a coworker were competing against each other at Monopoly beforehand.

Where PDA games really shine are the puzzle games. These games are downright addictive and some surpass their computer-based equivalents in their challenge and excitement. We all know how much fun those computer games are that can be commonly found at bars and arcades. Just imagine having your favorite block or trivia games for PDA always in your pocket. There will never be a dull moment!

Do you like exciting casino games? Take them along with you all the time. Play Texas Hold 'Em while you are in the cab or riding the bus. Roulette in the elevator, you bet. All you have to do is whip out your PDA and get to gaming.

If you are really into portable gaming, you can even convert your regular PDA into a game PDA just by removing the unneeded applications and using the newly freed space for games. Imagine the possibilities! PDA Games offers a great collection of engaging games.

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